In January, D and I decided that instead of buying our meat from the grocery store, we  would join a meat CSA from Nature’s Script Farm.  This way we could give our kids the best meat that we could afford.  No hormones, free range, just plain good for you meat.  We chose Nature’s Script because we have had their meat from the Farmer’s Market and it is heaven in meat form!  So yummy!

Well, the downside is that a share is not enough for us to get through for 2 weeks.  But instead of going out and buying meat from the grocery store, we would try some vegetarian recipes to help fill the void.  Don’t get me wrong…$1.99/lb hamburg still is picked up with pleasure, but we’re trying to cut costs!

I had tried this recipe for Pasta e Lenticchie a few months ago and most of us loved it.  J1 despises legumes of any sort, but the pasta helps hold him over.  While not completely vegetarian, the bacon adds that meat flavor that we crave with our supper.  You can get parmesan rinds in the specialty cheese section of your grocery store, but we buy the real cheese and save the rinds in the freezer.  Yes, that tiny triangle of cheese costs way more than the stuff in a container, but we use less because you get more flavor!  Win win!

What’s going on the table at your house tonight?  Any recipes to help this momma out?