I thought I would share a few nifty tricks I learned this week that I thought some might like.  I hope you enjoy!

  • A recipe for Febreeze.  Take a peek around her website too…there’s lots of ways to make your favorite name brand items for much cheaper!  Even cheaper then the generic brands!
  • Homade Whipped Coconut Oil Cream.  Rub it all over your body!  So rich and creamy…makes me wonder why I never thought of this myself.  But a little warning: A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY!!!   This will basically turn to oil as you are rubbing it all over yourself, so be careful!
  • Homade Taco Seasoning.  Control the salt and MSG in your diet!  All items can be bought at your local Bulk Barn and her website is fantastic as well!

I also wanted to share a couple seed suppliers that I am in love with: Annapolis Seeds and Hope Seeds.  Both companies are from here in Nova Scotia and have some delightful seeds that are making D and I really wish we had an acre or two to try them all!

Enjoy the weekend!  Try to enjoy the snow!