So we’ve fell in love with our smoothie bags!  I wrote about them in the Freezer Meals post.  (Which by the way…I have a huge cook day coming up in a few weeks and can’t wait to share it with you!)

After that success, I decided to make instant oatmeal packs.  For the same price as a box of instant oatmeal packets, I was able to buy a bag of quick oats.  Keeping in mind that I only made 6 bags and barely made a dent in the oats, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it’s cheaper!  Took me maybe 10 minutes to throw them together, and it only took that long because the 3 year old was helping. 

Now, if you’re kids like the candy filled ones, don’t dispair!  The website suggests sprinkles (not in the bags)!  Now what kids wouldn’t like that!

I did add raisons to our bags, but probably won’t the next time.  Or at least not in all the bags.  That way the kids can have a sprinkly option, and my 1 year old isn’t eating raisons so much.

Make your life easier!  And cheaper!