The last few days have been filled with snow, cleaning and canning. And no pictures to share.

Anyway, I’ve canned 7 pints of BBQ Beans, 2 quarts of pinto beans, numerous jars of turkey and veggie stock, and canned up the end of our Christmas turkey.  A simple search can find you recipes/directions on how to do this.

Last night was my first night of Couch to 5K program and it was a wake up call!  I am so out of shape!  I couldn’t even do all the running segments.  But I kept up with it and walked as fast as I could during the running parts.  I think that I will keep doing week 1 (and any other weeks) until I can do all the running parts.

The plank challenge has triggered a back injury as well, so while I am still going, I am not doing the entire times.

And that’s it!  Oh, and I turned 30 today, but am thinking about staying at 29 to be able to get some of the things done that I wanted to before I turned 30.  Funny how when kids come into the picture, you push yourself into the background.  Ah well, off to clean and work out.