OK….I haven’t been feeling great.  Fighting something off, so I’m 5 days behind on the 30 Day Challenge by BodyRock BUT I am doing it.  Today was day #1 for me and it was the fit test.

So after doing just the fit test, I’m terrified for the next 29 days, but I can do it!  Maybe some others would like to join?  (Hint, Hint?)

Here’s my stats:  (Lets see how I have improved in 30 days!)

Squat jumps: 31

Push Ups: 28

Burpees: 8

High Knees: 42

Lunges: 20

Step Ups: 24

Triceps Dips: 17

Surfboards: 11

Half Burpee/Monkey: 8

Switch Jumps: 26

Side Lunge: 21

Frog Jumps: 14


I did take a before pics and measurements, but do not have the courage to post yet.  Maybe after the 30 days.

So tonight I’m off to work on my C25K, starting week 1 again.  Like I said, last week was a bust for me.  Between shin splints from my first day running and feeling like something the dog drug in, this is my fresh start week.  I did learn last week though, that if I go over 4 (miles or km, I have no idea what the treadmill reads in) I get shin splints.  So 4 what ever is my “jogging” speed.  I was at 4.5 and feeling great, but my knee and shins disagreed by the time I sat in the car.

Good luck to everyone!  Let me know what you’ve been up to physically!