I went on strike over the weekend.  I was only going to do my canning.  This is what happens if you refuse to do any housework besides dishes.  Be forewarned!

This summer has been a long stressful summer.  We are still unsure of where we will be living by the new year but I have decided to stop letting it get to me.  Until I get the notice to start packing, I will be living as usual.  I have spent this past year in a cloud of uncertainty and am over it!  I have allowed it to consume me and add unnecessary stress.

Today is my fresh start!  (Love Mondays for that reason, and that reason only!)  I am rewashing the load of towels that have been sitting in my washer all weekend.  I am going to drink my tea and then clean up this pig sty and then we are going OUTSIDE!  I have spent a lot of time watching a pressure canner the last few days and need some fresh air.

So what have I been up to?  Trying to enjoy the summer!  My daughter turned 5 a few weeks ago and is starting school in the fall.  My oldest son is preparing for Junior High and my baby boy is looking forward to having me all to himself for a while.

We’ve done the NSPE, Shubenacadie Wild Life Park, went to the beach a few times, went to the camp to play in the lake and this weekend we are finally camping!

I’m still on my weight loss path.  With the stress though, the weight is sticking around a bit more then I’d like, but I’m down about 10 pounds.  I’m averaging about a pound a week, which while frustrating because I just want it all off, I know that that is the best move for me.  Inches are going so I’m focusing on that.

The garden started out rough, but has really started to flourish.  Our peas were a bust with only 2 bags being put away and only 1 meal eaten with a  very small side of peas, but the beans have made up for that.  Our hot peppers are doing extremely well and the tomatoes who had a small case of early blight are hanging heavily with tomatoes.  Carrots are starting to come in for storage and kale, spinach and chard have been planted for a fall picking.

That’s it!  Focusing on loving the family and enjoying our last summer before I have 2 kids in school.

Hope your summer has been fantastic and fulfilling!


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