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Haven’t been here lately.  So busy!  We’re almost to the end of the school year and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for all the activities.  So excited to not be living in my van anymore!

We decided to do a garden plot at our local community garden again so I’ll be posting about that soon enough.  Also going to clean out our freezer so I can do some once a month cooking and I’ll post about that later.  My goal is to get back to more homesteading posts.

But for now, I thought I’d do a little weight loss update.  I actually haven’t lost any weight.  I bought a new scale so that I would have one here at home and it weighs heavier then the one at the gym so the couple pounds I did manage to get off had to be marked back on.  But now I will have a steady way to track my weight.

But the inches!!!  Oh the inches have been disappearing.  I just measured today and was shocked.  Here’s hoping for the smaller shorts I bought fitting by the end of June!

Bust: 3″

Waist: 4.75″

Hips:  2″

Fat Roll:  3.5″  (This is that spare tire around my belly button.  I measure the smallest part of my waist for my waist measurement.)

That is a total of 13.25″ since January!  And no weight lost!  Deciding if I should go to the doctor for some advice but I think I will wait another month.

I’ve been still running and doing bodyrock once or twice a week.  I’m also following My Fitness Pal and tracking my calories.  No wonder I got fat!  Anyone on My Fitness Pal can feel free to add me!  jessicarthibodeau

Enjoy the rainy day and have a great Mother’s Day weekend!


Yesterday’s Workout

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I did the full plank/pushup combo and 75 of the rest.  Then I headed to the gym for day 1 of C25K again.  Felt good!  Cooled down for 15 min. on the bike.

Today is a walk outside because it is BEAUTIFUL!  Spring has sprung!

Problems with the BodyRock Challenge

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Is anyone else finding the challenge HARD?  I sure am!  I have found that I’m so sore the next day that I can’t do the workout.  Which of course has led me to giving up for the past few days.  Yes, I went back to my old ways.  If I can’t do it right, why do it?  Plus, my husbands schedule has sucked and I couldn’t get to the gym last week and won’t be able to go this week either.  I’m thinking about getting up early to go, but haven’t been able to drag myself out of bed yet.

So instead of giving up, I’ve decided to continue, but not with the workouts they are posting.  If you go to the websites (www.bodyrock.tv) and search for “lite” or “beginners”  (make certain you look in the archives too!) you will find all kinds of workouts for beginners.  Those are more my speed.  I’m soooo out of shape!

I also wanted to share a simple supper that we had last night.  It was SO good!  Just a simple easy stir fry.  I served it with basmati rice which is our new favorite!  Can’t get enough!

1 head of bok choy sliced.

A few stocks of celery thinly sliced.

Clove or two of garlic minced.

1 can of baby corn (we couldn’t find any so just put in a can of kernals.  Tasted great!)

I also threw in a can of turkey that I had done up after Christmas.

2 TBSP of oyster sauce.  (I added a TBSP of soya sauce as well.)

Stir fry bok choy, celery and garlic (and cooked meat if adding) until the bok choy starts to wilt.  Add the corn and sauce and heat through.

That’s it!  Took me longer to chop everything then to cook it!

Happy Monday!

BodyRock 30 Day Challenge: Fit Test Day

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OK….I haven’t been feeling great.  Fighting something off, so I’m 5 days behind on the 30 Day Challenge by BodyRock BUT I am doing it.  Today was day #1 for me and it was the fit test.

So after doing just the fit test, I’m terrified for the next 29 days, but I can do it!  Maybe some others would like to join?  (Hint, Hint?)

Here’s my stats:  (Lets see how I have improved in 30 days!)

Squat jumps: 31

Push Ups: 28

Burpees: 8

High Knees: 42

Lunges: 20

Step Ups: 24

Triceps Dips: 17

Surfboards: 11

Half Burpee/Monkey: 8

Switch Jumps: 26

Side Lunge: 21

Frog Jumps: 14


I did take a before pics and measurements, but do not have the courage to post yet.  Maybe after the 30 days.

So tonight I’m off to work on my C25K, starting week 1 again.  Like I said, last week was a bust for me.  Between shin splints from my first day running and feeling like something the dog drug in, this is my fresh start week.  I did learn last week though, that if I go over 4 (miles or km, I have no idea what the treadmill reads in) I get shin splints.  So 4 what ever is my “jogging” speed.  I was at 4.5 and feeling great, but my knee and shins disagreed by the time I sat in the car.

Good luck to everyone!  Let me know what you’ve been up to physically!

What I’ve Been Up To

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The last few days have been filled with snow, cleaning and canning. And no pictures to share.

Anyway, I’ve canned 7 pints of BBQ Beans, 2 quarts of pinto beans, numerous jars of turkey and veggie stock, and canned up the end of our Christmas turkey.  A simple search can find you recipes/directions on how to do this.

Last night was my first night of Couch to 5K program and it was a wake up call!  I am so out of shape!  I couldn’t even do all the running segments.  But I kept up with it and walked as fast as I could during the running parts.  I think that I will keep doing week 1 (and any other weeks) until I can do all the running parts.

The plank challenge has triggered a back injury as well, so while I am still going, I am not doing the entire times.

And that’s it!  Oh, and I turned 30 today, but am thinking about staying at 29 to be able to get some of the things done that I wanted to before I turned 30.  Funny how when kids come into the picture, you push yourself into the background.  Ah well, off to clean and work out.

January Plank Challenge!

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OK! So here’s the deal: do 1 minute of plank for the date. So on January 1, I did one minute of plank. Today is the second so I did 2 minute of plank. And so on. You can break it up during the day if you have to. (I did 4 rounds of 30 seconds with 15 seconds of rest in between.)

Here’s a little video to show you the proper way to do a plank:

Good luck!

New Years Resolutions for 2013

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I wasn’t going to have any resolutions this year. I always end up disappointed by January 15th. But I decided why not? Here’s the list!

~Get healthy. Notice I did not say lose certain number of pounds. Between turning 30, spending the last few months feeling like something the cat drug home and feeling overall down about myself, I’m going to get healthy.  This will include more physical activity, more whole foods, less junk and sugar.  This will also include adding more green/natural cleaning items in our home and making our home a healthier place for all of us.

~Get organized.  I need so much help!  We still have numerous boxes piled in our bedroom that need to be unpacked.  We moved to a bigger house, but I still feel like the clutter is closing in on me.  I’ll be following www.flylady.net.  I’ll keep you posted!

~Get financially ahead.  As soon as the house is figured out in the next few weeks, I’ll be pulling out the sewing machine and am going to start sewing and selling.  I had ZERO luck finding work before Christmas and I need something that I can do at home with the kids so I’ll see how I do.  We are keeping our heads above water right now, but are never going to get ahead if I don’t bring in some extra money.  Even $100 extra a month would be a huge deal to us.

~Do more fun things as a family.  Last year was a tight year money wise, so we didn’t get to do a lot with the kids.  Just to drive somewhere to do a cheap/free activity was enough for us to stay home.  This year we are putting some extra pennies aside and going places!  First activity is to rent some snow shoes and go outside to play!


So there they are!  As another goal is to keep up with this blog, I’ll be keeping track of my progress right here.

What’s your New Years Resolutions?


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